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HomeChoice application form

By completing this application you are registering for housing within South Gloucestershire. The information you give us will be placed on the HomeChoice register and will be used to assess your housing need. We may share this information with housing associations or other landlords who could offer you housing.

It is important that you fill out all the sections of the application that are relevant to you. We estimate that it will take you around 20 minutes to complete your application.

Please make sure that you send us copies of the supporting information we ask for. This includes:
  • Any proof we may ask for such as confirmation of pregnancy, mortgage statements, confirmation of child benefit, bank account statements etc.
If you need help to complete this application, please telephone the HomeChoice team on 01454 868005.
You can use this form to apply for accommodation in South Gloucestershire to rent (including HomeChoice West properties, see "HomeChoice lettings" under "Fast facts") or purchase, through one of our Low Cost Home Ownership Schemes. This includes general needs, sheltered or supported housing.

Please indicate which type of accommodation you are interested in by selecting one of the following: